DIY Gingerbread House Kit - Step by Step Guide

Thank you for purchasing a Picket Fence Cake Design, DIY Gingerbread House Kit.

Below is the step by step guide with photos, on how to construct your house.

DIY kit comes with all of the pieces to make the house (2 sides, front and back, 2 roof pieces, chimney and a front path), plus 2 gingerbread people, 2 trees and 2 stars. The kit also comes with a board to build it on, royal icing, piping bag and some festive sprinkles and lollies to get you started.

The kit does come with a variety of lollies etc to decorate your house. However, please feel free to add or mix up how you decorate your house.You could even add a drop of food colouring of your choice to your icing (or part of it), to really jazz it up.

Let the fun begin - time to build a house!

Un-Bag all of your house pieces.

Place the royal icing in a bowl.

Set aside a tablespoon in a small bowl. You can use this in the last step to dust over your house to look like "snow".

Mix the main bowl of icing with 35g of water. Add a bit at a time. Don't add it all at once. If it's too dry, you can add a touch more. If you don't need all the water, you don't need to use it all.

Be careful not to add too much water or it will be too runny and won’t hold the walls together.

Your icing needs to be at a consistency where if you try drizzle it off a spoon, it hangs.

Transfer into your piping bag. Twist the end, so the icing doesn't spill out the top as you pipe.

Cut a small amount off the tip of the bag – not too big.

When you are not using the piping bag, you can place a clean damp cloth over the end to stop the icing drying out.

I like to decorate the people, trees and stars first. Then you can set them aside to dry while you are building the house.

Now onto building the house.

Pipe icing along the bottom and sides of the front wall and stick to the board.

Connect both side walls to the front wall using the same method and piping along all edges that connect or join to the board.

Connect the back wall.

Hold steady until the icing sets and the walls are sturdy. Leave to sit for a few minutes.

Once set, pipe a generous amount of icing along the top of the house to join the roof.

Hold again until the roof is set and wont slide off. You can also gently insert toothpicks into the top of each side of the roof and walls to hold it in place while it sets.This allows you to free your hands to start decorating. You can leave the toothpicks in until the very last part and decorate around them to ensure the house structure is as sturdy as possibly. Then gently remove the toothpicks last.

Now you are ready to decorate!

Choose your lollies from the kit or feel free to add some of your own and decorate as you wish.

Don’t forget to add your people, trees and stars.

You could even place one or both of your people inside the house as a surprise inside 😊

You will need to hold the people and trees in place for a few minutes to help them set upright to the board.

If you are stuck for design inspiration, there are zillions of ideas online (Google, Pinterest etc), to spark some creativity. The hardest part will be choosing just one to run with.

Making Roof Patterns:

To make a roof pattern, you can either freehand pipe. Or draw a pattern onto baking paper and gently score onto your roof. Follow the marks with the icing bag to trace the pattern. This can either be done before or after assembly. Just need to be careful not to squish your designs if you do this before assembly.

How to make Icicles:

Gently hold the tip of the icing bag to the gutter/roof edge. Squeeze and then pull away quickly. Repeat the process around the entire roof edge.

Dusting your House with Snow:

Use the icing you set aside at the beginning. Place in a small sieve and gently dust over your house to create a look of a layer of fresh snow.

I’d love to see your finished houses – I'd love if you could tag me on Instagram in all your completed houses.

Tag me on Instagram on @picketfencecakedesign.

Thank You, Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all an amazing 2021,


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