Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

So you are engaged? CONGRATS!

OR do you know someone who is? Then still read on. I have the perfect wedding cake tasting solution for you all.

Planning a wedding is an amazing, fun and exciting time. But it can also be a lot of hard work. And at times, stressful. I’m here to make your WEDDING CAKE experience as stress free and DELICIOUS as possible. Because after all, one of the best parts of being engaged and planning a wedding is being able to sample some cakes along the way!

You want a gorgeous wedding cake, but you want it to taste AMAZING too? And to be fair, who doesn't?

You deserve the perfect cake for your special day. One that matches all your dreams of everything you have ever wanted for your wedding day and more - In both design AND taste.

You can hear all the recommendations in the world, but sometimes you just want to try the cake yourself to be sure! And so you should. It's YOUR WEDDING DAY. You deserve ALL the cake!

That's why I created my Sample Boxes. Available to couples who are enquiring about a wedding cake. Or any special event/occasion. Or perhaps you just want some cake? This is totally fine by me as well.

No judgement here!

I pride myself on my cakes not only looking beautiful, but tasting stunning as well. Ensuring your cake is a true celebration, from first sight to the first mouthful. And a beautiful memory everyone talks about long after your wedding day is over. I love working with couples, to make sure their vision comes to life, to match their theme and plans for their big day.

I love the creative process that comes with designing and styling each wedding cake. Down to choosing and styling all the florals for all of my cakes, each hand piped buttercream swirl or every carefully rolled fondant ruffle. Its all as important to me as if it were my own wedding cake. My cakes are my babies and I love being able to share in couples special day through cakes created especially for them. After all, your wedding cake should be just as unique as you are as a couple.

Whilst they don't include every flavour I make (that would be one giant box of cake!), Sample Boxes Include 12 generous sized serves of some of my most popular flavours, along with 2 scrumptious fondant covered sugar cookies.​ You NEED these cookies in your life. Trust me. These cookies also make great custom wedding favours for your guests or Bridal Party.

Sample boxes are all packaged up in a pretty box, ready to take home and enjoy with your fiancé, family, bridal party, bestie or anyone you choose. All in the comfort of your own home. I honestly feel that being able to take the cakes home and try them as you please, to be free to be as open as honest as you want to be about each bite, is the best way to go about choosing the right flavour/s for you. With no pressure.

Not everyone is going to love the same, or each and every flavour. And there is nothing wrong with that. I'm obsessed with caramel, but I don't expect everyone else to be.

Sample boxes are best eaten at room temperature on the day of purchase. Or within the next few days after pick up. However, they are all baked fresh and can be frozen to be enjoyed later on. If they last that long :-)

Sample Boxes are $50 each, payable at time of booking.

These are available for pick up every 2nd Month:- Jan / Mar / May / Jul / Sept / Nov

To book or enquire about sample boxes, please email me at: info@picketfencecakedesign.com.au

Kacey x

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