Bas Relief Cake Tutorial

In Art terms; Bas-Relief is a technique of sculpture in which shapes are carved so that they stand out against a flat surface or background. All sounds very official and technical. Bear me though. Its far less serious than it sounds, I promise.

Using this technique and and creating this style of cake was something I had wanted to try for quite some time.

It's the sort of thing the more you look at it, the more details you notice. That extra bird, another feather...I had contemplated putting some random things in there to see if anyone noticed. Like a grown up Where's Wally for cake? Actually, this is a great idea! I may do this still (please don't steal my idea haha).

With all this COVID-19 craziness in the world. It meant I have currently got a lot more free time than I normally would. So what else does a cake decorator do in her spare time? Well, make and design more cakes of course!

Bas-Relief challenge accepted!

I've told myself that during this time, I am slowly going to tick off all the cakes on my "CAKE WISH LIST".

I figured that this is the best time to practise and hone my skills, try new things and slowly get all of these cake ideas I have had in my head and sketched down on numerous bits of paper out of my brain and into real life! All those styles and techniques I've always wanted to have a crack at, but never had the spare time to try. No better time than the present!

So this Bas Relief cake is the first one I started with off my so called cake wish list.

Surprisingly, this is not as hard as I thought. But it is fairly time consuming. I wish I had actually timed how long it took me to complete, but sadly I didn't think of that until after I'd finished. Its was many many hours though.

Maybe next time I do a video I might try and record how many hours each cake makes to give a better perspective into the time each of my cake babies take to create?

I started by picking a theme. I wanted to go with a whimsical woodland theme. With lots of beautiful flowers and birds in the branches amongst the forest. But you honestly could create any theme or style you wanted to.

I used silicone moulds I already had in my baking supplies to make and the flowers, birds, leaves etc. These were all made one by one. Then slowly I lightly brushed water onto the backs of each piece to placed each one individually onto the cake to create the scene I was after.

I wasn't entirely sure where I was going with this one when I started. The decorating process often begins that way with me, then the ideas evolve as the cake does.

I actually love the all white look just as is personally. I don't think it needs anything else.

But the painted gold also gives it another equally awesome but totally different look all together.

My next bas relief cake, I plan on painting each piece individually. Adding more textures as I paint each branch, flower, bird and leaf a different colour. I haven’t done that this time. But I think this could also look amazing.

If only I worked as quickly in real life as I do in this time lapse video! Makes it look like it took no time at all.

Which one do you prefer? The all white version? Or the one with splashes of gold?

Kacey x

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