Let me Introduce myself....

Hello and welcome, I’m Kacey. The face behind Picket Fence Cake Design. I’m a self confessed baking addict, with a serious sweet tooth and an obsessive love for anything pretty and pink.

This blog has been something I’ve been thinking of doing for a very long time. As a way to share some of my easy to read and follow cake, baking and decorating ideas, recipes, tips and hints. With a little bit of a ‘Kacey’ touch. And lots of fun, happy photos along the way.

I have often had people asking me for recipes, or how I made a certain cake, or achieve particular techniques. So I wanted to make something for people that is fun to read, shows a bit more of me behind the scenes and has delicious, easy to follow and make recipes. Im a big believer in recipes that aren’t like reading an essay and I am 100% one of those people who will put a recipe book back down if there are no photos. While I absolutely advocate making each recipe your own and giving it a “YOU” twist, I’m a very visual person and it really helps to see what each step is referring to so you know what I’m on about.

So that’s what I aim to do. And hopefully you all enjoy the journey with me and along the way find some new fun and delicious recipes and ideas to try out yourself.

But first; a bit more about me and where it all started.

As some of you may be aware, caking is my side gig. I also have a full time job in freight. A job a million miles away from cake decorating! Then my weekends (and every spare minute outside of my freight “day job”) is spent living, breathing and dreaming of all things baking and pretty.

I grew up baking with my mum. She was a fantastic bak​​er and an awesome party thrower. I remember her spending hours in the kitchen decorating those old school buttercream piped cakes. And I’ve yet to have a caramel slice that has ever come close to hers. I will get there one day. Slice Goals! If the perfect caramel slice is all I achieve in life, I'd be a happy baker!

I also have vividly clear memories of me fighting with my older brother about who would get to lick the mixer beater or the bowl. Unsure who won most of these battles. But in the hopes he never reads a baking blog, let's just say it was me. We would always have delicious homemade slices, cakes, cupcakes, cookies at chocolates at home growing up. Always the best smells to come home from school to.

Fast forward to today and I currently live with my fiancé, Steve and our fur baby Scooby, a large Border Collie who thinks he is partly human and partly lap dog. He is neither. More attitude than any other dog I’ve ever met, but I love him. Cutest Border Collie ever! Scooby cuddles are one of my fave things. I'm still unsure if he loves Scooby cuddles as much as I do, or if he just tolerates them and has learnt to put up with me…?

Beside my mum being a huge inspiration behind love of cake and baking, Steve is also a huge motivator and super supporter of not only myself, but also for my little cake business. He’s the behind the scenes guy that helps me take all my cake photos (a talent I don’t possess, unless you want close ups of my thumb or the floor), he’s the muscles to help carry those huge and heavy wedding cakes, number one taste tester and food critic, Sydney wide delivery driver; delivering all the cakes with me being worst back seat driver in history (He ignores me now. Worlds most patient man - “Watch the corner, there’s a pothole, slow down its a bump, OMG what was that”) and generally just being the amazing guy he is. Poor bloke knows more about cake than I’m pretty sure he ever wanted to. But secretly I’m sure he loves it (or maybe not...)

Baking has always been my passion and as I like to call it, my happy place. Baking therapy if you will. Whenever I’ve had hard times in my life, you can pretty much guarantee I’ll be in the kitchen baking some comfort food. #emotionaleater

I could happily spend hours in my zone, decorating a cake and making sure all the finer details are perfect. Its my favourite place to be; baking, designing, decorating and styling pretty cakes and baked goods.

So welcome to my world. A sometimes slightly crazy world. But its fun here and there is always delicious goodies to eat and a whole lot of pink!

Thanks for joining me,

Kacey x

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